Book Launch

In May this year, we launched our book “People with acquired brain injury and the Victorian justice system: Rights and resources” at the Office of the Public Advocate. The event included presentations by the authors and an official launch by the Public Advocate, Colleen Pearce.

acquiredbraininjury-bookThe book deals with the rights of people with acquired brain injury (ABI) involved in the criminal justice system and the resources available to them. It is designed to assist people to better navigate the Victorian justice system, and its sections are organised in a way that a person might have contact with the law; speaking with police, getting legal representation, types of courts and court services, sentencing, entering prison, and reintegration to the community upon release from prison.

We believe that people with ABI who are aware of their rights will be in a better position to be dealt with fairly as they move through the justice system.

Thank you to all the people involved in this project. The development of this guide was funded by the Victoria Law Foundation.

The book is freely available in the public domain.
Click here to download the book via our co-author’s ResearchGate site.

Please contact us if you would like further information.