On-line consultation

Suzanne is a neuropsychologist with 20 years experience helping service providers and family members support people with neurological disorders.

She is available for face-to-face consultation throughout Victoria, Australia, and by on-line consultation everywhere there is internet.

3 steps to an on-line consultation

Step 1
Phone Suzanne directly on (mobile) 0488 992 721 to arrange a date and time.
Timezone differences are easy to manage using a Meeting Scheduler.

Step 2
Pay for the on-line consultation
Bendigo Bank   |   BSB 633-000   |   Account 158-343-905   |   Acc name: Suzanne Brown trading as Concept1 Consulting
(Payment is required 48 hours prior to the consultation. eg. if the consult is on Wed 3:00PM, then payment is due prior to Mon 3:00PM)

Step 3
Have the consultation
You will be sent an email with a link. Click this to go to a webpage (virtual waitroom) where you indicate that you have arrived. The two-way connection will open from this end.

Handy hints for making on-line consultations work well

  • You need no special software, but will need to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser.
  • There are different ways to improve audio and video links. Check you have ample broadband quota. Can you connect to your modem by cable rather than wireless?
  • Double check the date and time of the consultation
  • Have a clear plan/agenda for what you need to discuss